An Adoption Reunion

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: A Story as it Happened






*        The Letters


*        First Call


*        First Meeting


*        Time of Discovery


*        Meeting the Grandkids


*        Meeting in Texas


Chapter 2: The Story Continues











*        Worlds Apart


*        Dubai UAE


*        Texas


*        Raider Fan


*        Welcome Nathan


*        Panhandle Trip


*        The Game


*        Lubbock, TX


*        Dimmitt, TX


*        The Dairy


*        Sherylís Dad


*        Sherylís Mom


*        Amarillo, TX


*        Kansas Trip



Chapter 3: Wedding and Thanksgiving 2008




*        Wedding


*        Kansas City, MO.




Chapter 4: Homecoming and Christmas 2008




*        Hatfield's Texas Visit


*        Christmas Portraits




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