Our Wedding

Welcome to the Gallion Family Home Page

We are Warren and Martha Gallion.  We have had a blessed life.

Martha grew up in El Paso, Texas. Her dad was in the meat business and her mom raised Martha and her sister Donna.  Martha completed all of her education in El Paso. Warren grew up as an only child in a military family. Most of his childhood was moving from one city to another, but lived in El Paso during his High School years.

Martha and Warren both attended Burges High School in El Paso, but the local kids and the bused in military kids for the most part kept to their own kind. Warren graduated from Burges as Martha finished her freshman year.

Warren spent a year and a half at Texas Western/University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) before he decided to get the military out of the way before trying to finish college. Warren allowed himself to be drafted into the Army and he went to Vietnam and served six months as an Infantry squad leader and six months as a LRRP.

After the military, Warren returned to El Paso where he met Martha and she became the love of his life and quickly became engaged. Martha graduated from UTEP a year before Warren and worked as a kindergarten teacher in Pecos, Texas. Warren completed his last year in college and we were married at First Baptist Church in El Paso.

We moved to the Dallas, Texas area and Martha started working as a teacher for the Garland Independent School District along with finishing her Masters degree at Texas Woman's University and Warren started his career at Watson Electric company in Dallas. Just shy of our third wedding anniversary our daughter Koleta was born into our family. Warren got serious and finished his Masters degree and started working as an Accountant for Electronic Data Systems in Dallas. When Koleta was four years old, our son Luke joined our family. We had a wonderful time during the 70's & 80's raising our kids and attending soccer games and gymnastic meets.

We are now both retired and continue to enjoy our adult children along with all of our grandchildren. Luke and his wife Lindsey still lives in the Dallas area and we get to enjoy their company along with the grand kids. Koleta and her husband Andy have chosen to work for a Non Government Organization (NGO) which has sent them and our grandchildren to some unusual parts of the world.  Our kids visit often, but we enjoy visiting them as well, even if it takes us to some places in the world that are off the beaten path. 

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