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Gymnastics & Soccer

We raised two children in our home and we are proud of the adults they have grown to be.

Koleta was our first child. Our blessed lives seemed to be interrupted when we were told due to some blood issues, our first child would have to be born prematurely and arrived weighing only 5 1/2 lbs. She was a fighter and none of the fears placed in our minds came to be true. The doctors warned us our chances of having a second healthy baby like Koleta were not good, so we opted for adoption.

Going thru the adoption process was difficult with all the paperwork, interviews and home visits. But all the work paid off when a precious baby boy was delivered to our house and we named him Luke. Our family was complete.

We spent the 70's and 80's going to school functions, soccer games and gymnastic meets.

We are now enjoying the fruits of those years as both have grown to adult, married and have children of their own.

We are happy to be know as Grandmamma and Granddaddy.